Brand Story

What does "YOKU MOKU" mean?

The name of “YOKU MOKU” originates from the name of small town in Sweden, JOKK MOKK,
which is located on the Arctic Circle and about 500 miles north of the capital Stockholm.
JOKK MOKK is the small town surrounded by forests and lakes. There is a desolate wild landscape
of severe winter in the Arctic Circle. However, once we enter in JOKK MOKK, there is a wooden
station building welcoming travelers warmly, and colorful houses on white birch tree lined path.
These homely and beautiful scenery of JOKK MOKK is like a part of a picture book and makes us
feel the warmth of human beings and happy homes as opposed to harsh natural environments.
Family sit around the table in home, and confectionery and cookies made for families with sincerity
are always there and make conversation more lively.
This is the deliciousness of handcraft with sincerity which we’re aiming for, and that is why we
named our company as “YOKU MOKU”.